Raised in Colorado, Candy revels in the beauty of the mountains. After 23 years, she decided to move closer to the mountains. She moved back to Boulder to make it her permanent home, where she is lucky to experience the varieties of wildlife that wander through her yard. Candy has had a love of animals for as long as she can remember and loves being around any and all furry, feathered, and scaled creatures. She is blessed with two wonderful girls that share her love for all things living.


Excited to work for such a wonderful group of people and animals, Candy leapt at the chance to join the team at AVMS. She loves meeting new people and sharing her happiness, especially with those that need it in stressful situations.


In her free time, Candy can always be found doing something creative, such as painting, sculpting, writing, or finding fun ways to decorate her home. The mountains are her favorite place to be whether she’s hiking in them or riding her motorcycle through their twists and turns.

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