Clinical Trial for Multicentric Lymphoma

AMVS offers a clinical trail to offset the cost of treatment for dogs diagnosed with Lymphoma. This trial will give owners the opportunity to seek the most current, advanced treatments for their pets, while providing $900 towards the overall treatment costs for Lymphoma. This clinical trial is a multi-clinic study partnering with Colorado State University’s (CSU) Oncology Department. This is a great opportunity for the owner and the veterinary community.




This trial is available to dogs diagnosed with lymphoma. The patient must be healthy enough to start on routine dosages of chemotherapy. The patient must not have been on Prednisone within recent history.




This clinical trial will offer clients $900 towards the CHOP protocol, standard of care, for treatment of lymphoma. Dogs will be required to donate a small tumor sample and submit to blood draws throughout the study. If a patient elects to leave the study at any time, they will not receive any funding that remains.




This study provides financial incentive to help offer patients the most current, advanced treatment available, while increasing our knowledge of canine cancer.


If you have any questions regarding this clinical trial or if you have a patient you believe may be eligible for the trial, please contact Dr. Brooke Fowler at 303-678-8844.

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