Frederick Police Department Honors AMVS Practice Owner Matthew Rooney, DVM

On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, the Frederick Police Department hosted their annual awards banquet at Bella Rosa Golf Course in Frederick, CO. This was a special occasion for the police department and Canine Officer Andrew Fairbanks. Officer Fairbanks had been working along side Bo, a 9 year old Malinois, for years.

FrederickBo Fairbanks presented to AMVS in March 2010. Bo was painful in his left hind leg. Dr. Matthew Rooney diagnosed him with a partial tear of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). This diagnosis requires surgery to repair the tear, in hopes Bo may return to work along side Officer Fairbanks. Bo was scheduled for surgery on his left knee. After a successful surgery, Bo appeared to be recovering well. Unfortunately, as is the case with many of these injuries, Bo presented a year later with a partial tear of the CCL in the right knee. Following surgery, Bo remained painful. Unable to demonstrate full use of his right hind leg, Dr. Rooney recommended surgery.

In June 2011, Bo was scheduled for arthroscopy of the right knee. Following surgery, Bo appeared to be recovering well, showing gradual improvement in the use of his leg. By the end of the year, his progress had plateaued. Dr. Rooney was not satisfied. In December 2011, Bo returned to AMVS for surgery at Dr. Rooney’s recommendation. AMVS made the decision to fund the full cost of Bo’s final surgery in recognition of the dedication Bo and the Frederick Police Department have shown to the community. Following his final surgery, Officer Fairbanks says “I have seen a visible difference in Bo’s overall comfort level.” Officer Fairbanks is having a difficult time slowing Bo down, but is excited to see Bo on the way to becoming pain-free.

At the ceremony, Dr. Rooney and Bo were reunited under happier circumstances. Dr. Rooney was a guest of honor at the event. The Frederick Police Department provided Dr. Rooney with a plaque expressing their gratitude for the care provided to Bo over the course of his surgeries. Chief Barbour, Andy Fairbanks, Bo, and Dr. Rooney stood together for a photo to commemorate the event. “We are here to improve the quality of life for all pets. To be able to give Bo a comfortable retirement after the work he has done for our community is great,” says Dr. Rooney. Thanks to his final surgery, Bo has been able to continue working for the Frederick Police Department. With the help of Dr. Rooney, Officer Fairbanks believes Bo will live a long and happy life.

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