Mission, Goal, Vision, Values

About Us: Mission, Vision, Values


JonOPhotos 140Mission: Be the premier veterinary specialty and emergency center that provides the highest level of care for our patients, families, and primary veterinarians by fostering the best clinical practices and promoting teamwork in a nurturing and compassionate environment.


Vision: AMVS will provide the most advanced level of veterinary specialty and emergency care for our patients, families, and referring veterinarians.


Core Values:


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  • Compassionate Expert Care: Provide a work environment that utilizes the knowledge, tools, and technology necessary to offer the most advanced medical care, while fostering a compassionate bond with our patients and their caretakers.
  • Collaboration:Form a cohesive partnership with primary veterinarians and clients to provide the support and information needed to make the best decisions for their patients and pets.
  • Supportive Atmosphere:Create a nurturing work environment for staff to provide the highest level of care through open communication and support to encourage and reward personal and professional growth.
  • Responsible Stewardship: Supporting our community through education, while maintaining the values of an environmentally sustainable practice.