Community Outreach

As one of our core values, Responsible Stewardship, AMVS prides itself on being highly involved in the Longmont, CO community and its surrounding areas. AMVS supports and participates in many local community events throughout the year. As a member of 1% for the Planet, AMVS has partnered with many local non-profit organizations to help serve the community at large.

Community Outreach Partnerships:


Local Police Department Canine First Aid Presentations


The AMVS emergency department, Animal Emergency and Critical Care, provides presentations covering obtaining vitals and triage of injured animals. AMVS also donates first aid bags designed for canine handlers, which contain bandage materials, thermometers, and the medications necessary to help treat police dogs in the field. AMVS began offering these classes in 2011 to local EMS teams. Following the overwhelmingly positive response, AMVS decided to extend these classes to local police department canine units so they could perform basic emergency care for their K-9 companions, as well as injured pets encountered on the job.


Longmont Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

dog nurse

The AMVS emergency department, Animal Emergency and Critical Care, provides a series of presentations for several local search and rescue organizations. These presentations cover obtaining vitals and triage of animals involved in a car accident or suffering from smoke inhalation or heat stroke. AMVS also donated 18 different size oxygen masks to Longmont EMS in order for emergency personnel to offer life saving treatments for animals trapped behind fire lines. Smoke inhalation during a fire can be fatal for animals. Oxygen masks offer immediate treatment for smoke inhalation, helping to minimize the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Immediate treatment will increase the chances of survival for these rescued animals.


Environmental Preservation Partnerships:

In addition to community outreach projects, Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, both locally and globally. AMVS was the first PACE-certified veterinary hospital in the state of Colorado, and we maintain an active involvement with many environmental preservation efforts. We would like to recognize our partnership with the organizations listed below:


PACE: Partners for a Clean Environment

PACEUpon opening our doors in 2004, we have been actively engaged in working to reduce our environmental footprint. AMVS has received consultation from Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) a voluntary, non-regulatory program which offers free pollution prevention education and technical assistance to Boulder County businesses. As a result, AMVS is the first PACE-certified veterinary hospital in the state of Colorado.


Community Wind Energy

Community Wind EnergyThrough a partnership with Community Wind Energy, AMVS is able to purchase 100% wind power electricity through wind credits. AMVS chooses to pay a  premium on our building’s electricity so that it either comes from wind power, or the added cost goes directly into funding wind powered electrical projects. Dedication to providing the highest quality of care to patients and clients is the top priority for Aspen Meadow, but living up to this commitment requires specific resources that are often not environmentally friendly. But in choosing to power as much of our facility as possible with clean wind energy, Aspen Meadow is reducing its carbon footprint in the community.


Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

wildlands restoration volunteersAs part of AMVS’s 1% for the Planet membership, we have worked extensively on restoration projects with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV). WRV sponsors, organizes, and completes outdoor restoration projects around Colorado. AMVS not only donates annual sales profits to their efforts, AMVS staff members volunteer at the restoration projects themselves. We have helped repair an erosion scar at Red Rocks, create better habitats for wildlife in St. Vrain Lafarge, and restore the shoreline at Pella Crossing. AMVS is extremely proud to support the outstanding work of Wildlands Restoration Volunteers; to date, AMVS has donated over $12,000 to their cause.