Physical Therapy for Hip Dysplasia

physical therapyHip dysplasia can be treated with medications, surgery and rehabilitation. Often with a program of hydrotherapy, the dog’s pain can be reduced and function increased, which decreases the need for medication and surgery.

Swimming provides a non-weight bearing environment.  Without the body weight on the joints, there is less pain during exercising.   The gentle motion in the hips lubricates the joints and the swimming stroke builds muscle.

The underwater treadmill offers a partial weight bearing environment for decreased stress on the joints and the resistance of the water strengthens and stretches the hips.

The initial rehabilitation session consists of an examination from a physical therapy perspective, a hydrotherapy treatment and instruction for stretches, massage and exercises that can be done at home.   We do require a veterinarian referral and strongly suggest visiting your veterinarian prior to rehabilitation.

We have a referral form available and can fax to your veterinarian to get an update on your pet’s condition. Please contact us at 303-678-8844, or click on the PDF logo for more information.


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