Internal Medicine Nurse

Sarah recently moved to Colorado from the suburbs of Chicago with her 5-year-old daughter Sophia. She has been a veterinary technician in general practice for 16 years and she loves, loves, LOVES this career. She truly believes a very good sense of humor is necessary to thrive in this field because we deal with a lot of sadness and loss.


Sarah has adopted and fostered many pets through the years and she has also done wildlife rehab. Squirrels by far are her favorite. Skunks not so much. She had the privilege of working with exotics, as well as dogs and cats in her previous practice. They used to treat primates, ferrets, large birds (with large deadly beaks), rabbits (with sharp pointy teeth), reptiles…the list goes on and on. She can proudly say she has been urinated/defecated on by every type of animal that came through the practice. Turtle you ask? Yes. Snake? Yes. Wallaby? Come on, who has ever been peed on by a wallaby? Well folks, Sarah has.


Sarah often speaks in movie quotes and song lyrics. She loves to dance. She is an accomplished roller skater (quads NOT blades) and it earned her the nickname “crash.” She loves anything purple. She likes to camp and fish, as well, in her spare time. 

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