Nursing Manager

Sheri was born right here in Longmont and grew up in Erie. She attended Northeastern Junior College in Sterling and graduated with an Associates of Science in 2001. She then attended Colorado State University for further education. While at CSU, she decided that she wanted to become a veterinary nurse, and therefore transferred to the Bel-Rea Institute to study Animal Technology. She graduated with an Associates of Applied Science and completed her boards exam in 2003. During and after her education at Bel-Rea, she worked at a small animal practice for 4 years before leaving to join the surgery team at AMVS in 2006, where she continued to push her knowledge and skills and gain more experience.


Sheri LOVES being a nurse! There are so many reasons – she can’t describe them all. The most important is the change and support you give these ‘kids’ and their families. She especially enjoys working at AMVS because everyone is treated like family, co-workers, patients, and their families!


Sheri enjoys hiking, fishing, and boating with her ‘kids’ and husband, as well as just enjoying time with friends and family. Sheri has 3 dogs, a Jack Russell puppy, who even at 6 keeps them on their toes daily, a shepherd mix, who has all the love in the world to give, and a mix breed that was found running around I-25 and brought in by a client. After a long, hard search, her family was no where to be found. By this time, Sheri and her family had fallen in love with this kiddo and she is now a member of the family. They also have 2 cats, sisters rescued when they were kittens and hand reared. 

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