Times-Call Recognizes AMVS Partnership with Longmont EMS

News Updates

Click on the articles below to read about some of the events happening at AMVS, and to see us featured in local publications like the Longmont Times Call, the Boulder County Business Review, and even 9NEWS!

September 2012
Times Call-Longmont’s Aspen Meadow Wins Green Award
August 2012
AMVS Receives Green Building Star Award
July 2012
AMVS Donates Oxygen Masks to Longmont EMS
July 2012
AMVS to Conduct First Aid Classes in Berthoud
April 2012
Times Call-Longmont Animal Hospital Donates Animal Emergency Equipment
April 2012
AMVS Teams Up with Longmont EMS
March 2012
Aspen the Agility Dog Returns to Competition Despite Orthopedic Setbacks
January 2012
Frederick Police Department Honors AMVS Practice Owner
December 2011
AMVS Green Facility Goes Digital with dvm360.com’s New iPad App
January 2011 CRCG CE: Hind-Limb Issues in the Canine Athlete
August 2010 AMVS starts fundraiser for military dogs
May 2010 Replace the Waste by Creating a Recycling Program
October 2009 LHS Companion-Grieving the Loss of a Beloved Pet
October 2009 Beautiful Bella’s Story Rings True at LHS
September 2009 Redstone Review-Felix & Fido Ate my Homework!
August 2009 Redstone Review-Foxtails Can Present Medical Complications for Pets
August 2009 BCBR – Emergency Center Reduces Stress
August 2009 Veterinary Practice News – Paging Dr. Green
July 2009 Redstone Review-Heatstroke and Your Pet
June 2009 Redstone Review-Protect Pets from Rattlesnake Bites this Summer
June 2009 New, State-of-the-Art Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center Opens in Boulder
June 2009 10 Ways to Build a Green Veterinary Hospital
April 2009 Veterinarian Offers Pet-Loss Counseling for Grieving Owners
March 2009 More on Tightrope Repair with ACL Injuries-Interview with Dr. Matthew Rooney
February 2009 Zen and the Art of Being a Three-Legged Dog
December 2008 A Happy Ending for Izzy (9NEWS at 9pm 12/6/2008)
December 2008<br >
Izzy the Police Dog gets his Surgery (9NEWS at 5pm 11/6/2008)
December 2008 Detective Hopes to Return the Favor for his Partner (9News at 5pm 10/30/2008)<br >
November 2008 Daily Camera-15 Second Pitch-AMVS
November 2008<br >
Times Call-Retired K-9’s Surgery is Successful<br >
November 2008 Times Call-Retired K-9’s Surgery Bill Covered
October 2008 Times Call-Handler Seeks Help to Pay for Police Dog’s Surgery
October 2008 BCBR – Animal Hospital Takes Steps for LEED Certification
October 2008 Times Call – ‘Green’ Animal Clinic to Open Monday
October 2008 BCBR – Animal Hospital Opens New Clinic
October 2008 AMVS Goes Green
October 2008 AMVS Open House
October 2008 AMVS Grand Opening
August 2008 AMVS Name Change
August 2008 Times Call – Planning to be The Green Vet
April 2008 Times Call – PACE Picks Up
January 2008 BCBR – Longmont Vet Makes ‘Green’ Move


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