Tramadol Handout

If your dog is receiving Tramadol for pain control, please download the PDF copy of this handout!

Tramadol (Ultram) is a synthetic morphine-like pain medication that is commonly used by itself or in combination with other pain medications. This drug can be used in dogs and in cats. It is available only in 50 mg tablets but can be compounded for smaller animals.

The dose range for Tramadol is fairly wide (2-5mg/kg up to five times daily). At AMVS, we prefer to give 3mg/kg up to 4 times daily.
Side Effects 
The most common side effect of the drug is altered mentation/bizarre behavior and sedation.  In some animals, the sedative effects of this drug can be useful after surgery. Every animal responds differently to Tramadol, so if you see too much sedation or behavioral changes, please decrease the dose.
Other side effects are rare but include the following:
• Stomach upset (vomiting, diarrhea)
• Pupil constriction
• Panting
• Constipation
• Seizures
While Tramadol has a wide dose range, overdose can cause life-threatening problems such as seizures.  If you notice pinpoint pupils or significantly altered mentation, please contact us immediately at (303) 678-8844.



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