Veterinary Technician 

Trisha was born and raised in Iowa and grew up in a small town called Fairfield. She moved to Cedar Rapids shortly after high school and started working at a pet store there, where she decided to go into pet grooming. She lived in Colorado Springs for a couple months, while attending Critter Clips School of Grooming. She moved back to Iowa once she completed the course. She groomed pets for about 5 years before starting as a receptionist at Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center in 2006. She started working as a vet assistant 3 months later. She had an interest in surgery and was offered the position of Surgical Coordinator in 2009. She always known she wanted to move to a different state and recently decided to make that happen. She has 3 dogs (Leo, the Blue Heeler, Dillon, the Terrier mix, and Georgie, the Miniature Schnauzer) and 2 cats (Cinco and Cosmo). When she is not at work, she loves spending time with her dogs, reading books, and spending time with friends.

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