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AMVS Surgeon Donates Time to Longmont Humane Society

Nov 05, 2014

October 30, 2014

photo 1On Thursday, October 23rd, Weld County Animal Control found three stray heeler mixes. Unfortunately, one of these dogs had severe injuries to her hind end. She was brought to AMVS for assessment and was diagnosed with muliple pelvic fractures. After contacting Longmont Humane Society (LHS), Weld County Animal Control brought her to LHS for continued care. She has been named Cupcake. LHS has decided to fund the surgery to have her fractures repaired and give her a chance to enjoy her life. According to the staff at LHS, Cupcake is a sweet girl with a great disposition despite the immense pain she is in as a result of her injuries.


Given the severity of her injuries, Dr. Gail Rapport reached out to Dr. Matt Rooney, owner of and surgeon at Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists. On Friday, October 31st, Dr. Rooney will travel to the LHS Well Pet Clinic to repair the fractures Cupcake sustained as a stray. As the cost of repair for such a procedure, including two pelvic fracture repairs, can be expensive, AMVS will be donating a portion of their services to make this procedure more affordable and significantly reduce the costs for LHS. LHS will be starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Cupcake's procedure and AMVS will match a portion of these donations to reduce the cost of surgery. "It is important to us and a key component of our core values to offer support to the community and provide the local animal control units an outlet for care in situations when few other options are available. We are happy to see this case come full circle and provide the surgery Cupcake needs," said Dr. Rooney.


Following surgery, Cupcake will need continued care and physical therapy during her recovery. Please contact LHS at 303-772-1232 if you would like to contribute to Cupcake's care and the crowdfunding campaign.