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Beautiful Bella’s Story Rings True at LHS

Oct 16, 2009

The Companion-Fall 2009
News for friends and supporters of the Longmont Humane Society

Bella's family didn't want to give her up, but they could no longer afford the veterinary care for this beautiful, friendly, happy Lab mix. they brought her to Longmont Humane Society after she was deemed unadoptable by another shelter due to what had been diagnosed as a spinal problem.

Bella's cheery approach to life, even through all of her challenges-she's always smiling and ready to roll over for a belly rub-made her an immediate favorite with staff and volunteers. LHS board member Dr. Matt Rooney of Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists in Longmont, examined Bella and found that she had been misdiagnosed. A couple of knee surgeries, he concluded, and she'd be good as new.

On April 30th, Dr. Rooney donated his time and performed surgery to repair a damaged ligament in her right knee. Bella spent time with a foster family before Dr. Rooney repaired her left knee in late June. After more time for recovery, she'll soon be available for adoption-happy (as always) and pain free.

Thanks to your support, thousands of pets like Bella find a new lease on life at longmont Humane Society every year.

AMVS is a 24-hour veterinary facility providing specialty internal medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care, physical rehabilitation, pain management, and blood bank services for pets. They are located in Longmont at 104 S. Main St. For more information, go to www.AspenMeadowVet.com.

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