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AMVS Continues K-9 Unit First Aid Presentations

May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013

Canine units, officers and their dogs, risk their safety to help protect the community. These dogs are not only a part of the team, but are also a part of the family. Handlers care for these dogs at work, as well as at home, taking care of their everyday needs when not on the job. In the field, canines are at risk of devastating injuries. Many handlers have limited ability to care for their canines in the field, but immediate care for critical injuries can be vital to survival. Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists (AMVS) has implemented a program to help educate handlers in triage medicine, so these handlers are able to offer immediate treatments should the need arise. The first presentation took place on Wednesday, May 15th.


K9 Presentation

Canine officers from Westminster, Longmont, and Frederick police departments attended a canine first aid presentation on May 15, 2013.

Dr. Crystal Connor, an emergency clinician at AMVS, hosted a first aid course for the Longmont Police Department, the Westminster Police Department, and the Frederick Police Department. Eight officers were in attendance to learn the basics of emergency triage, including taking vitals, bandaging, and placing fluid lines. “The presentation went extremely well. AMVS is excited to have the opportunity to teach these officers the skills necessary to give animals a better chance of survival in an emergency,” according to Dr. Connor. These courses are designed so handlers will be able to provide immediate treatments for their canines and other animals injured in the field prior to them receiving treatment from a veterinarian. The skills learned can be utilized to help care for emergencies, including lacerations, smoke inhalation, heat stroke, toxin ingestion, and allergic reactions, prior to arriving at a veterinary facility.


AMVS in Longmont will be hosting additional presentations in the coming weeks. On Tuesday, June 4th at 6:00, Dr. Connor, will travel to Weld County for a course with the Weld County Police Department. On Wednesday, June 5th at 3:30, the Firestone Police Department will travel to AMVS. On Wednesday, June 19th at 3:30, the officers of the Boulder County Police Department will travel to AMVS. If you are interested in this course, please contact AMVS at 303-678-8844.