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Izzy the K-9: Detective Hopes to Return the Favor for his Partner

Nov 16, 2008

For nine years they were partners. Longmont Police Det. Bruce Vaughan and Izzy, his police dog, were inseparable.  Vaughan will tell you how important Izzy was to his life.  "The use of the dog allows us to do a lot of things that make sure we go home safe to our families," he said.Being sent into buildings to search for armed suspects or confronting dangerous criminals, the life of a police dog is one that carries with it inherent risk. "Every time you send a dog into a situation, it is a situation where they might not come back from," said Vaughan.

That danger never became clearer than on the night of April 30, 2007 on Highway 66 east of Longmont.  Vaughan and Izzy were in pursuit of an armed kidnapping suspect. Near Weld Country Road 3, the suspect crashed his car and fled on foot.  Vaughan picked up the story there. "I deployed Izzy to go after him and in the middle of Highway 66 Izzy bit his right ankle at full stride. He planted that foot and turned around and started hitting Izzy and flipped him onto his back," he said.

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