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In addition to the medical services we offer, we strive to support you every step of the way with reliable resources and information to help you prepare for your pet’s care journey.

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Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists is open 24/7, 365 days a year in Longmont and Boulder for emergencies, with advanced specialty care available during the day. We strongly encourage you to seek a referral from your veterinarian before meeting with one of our specialists to ensure that you and your pet meet with the proper department; though, you can make an appointment without a referral. While you never need to make an appointment for emergencies, to visit with one of our specialists, you can call or text us to book your pet’s consultation.

Prior to your pet’s arrival, we will communicate with your family veterinarian to review his or her medical history and discuss the current symptoms and concerns. We have a close partnership with local veterinarians and yours will be involved in the process every step of the way.

During your pet’s consultation appointment, he or she will be given a physical examination and any pre-discussed diagnostic testing that is needed for an accurate diagnosis. A staff member will sit with you to discuss our findings and the prognosis, as well as available treatment options and any potential risks or complications involved. If it is decided that a follow-up procedure is the best approach, we will work with you to schedule your pet’s next visit. We will be sure to keep your veterinarian informed of any diagnoses and treatment approach options discussed during your pet’s appointment

After any procedure, you will always receive an update from our staff using the communication method of your choice. We even have the ability to text you updates! When your pet is ready to go home, we will provide you with thorough discharge and home care instructions, and answer any questions you may have about your pet’s recovery. We will connect with your family veterinarian regarding the outcome of the procedure so that he or she has what is needed to perform any follow-up care.


We offer the ability to preregister your pet with us online so that you can avoid filling out preregistration paperwork when you arrive as well as authorize other caregivers like a relative or pet sitter to seek treatment for your pet if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions that you may have about visiting a specialty and emergency veterinary hospital.

Pet Owners

A board-certified veterinary specialist is a veterinarian with advanced education and training in a specific field of veterinary medicine. He or she has completed rigorous training and testing in the area of their choice and is recognized by a specialty organization or “college” sanctioned by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The trusted partnership between a specialty and family veterinarian is important. Specialists are a member of your pet’s comprehensive care team, not a replacement. We only see pets with conditions, illnesses, or injuries that require advanced care beyond the scope of your family vet, or that occur outside of your veterinarian’s normal office hours. Once your pet is ready to return home, we may want to see him or her again to evaluate progress but your veterinarian will continue to see your pet for primary care.

We will communicate with your veterinarian before and/or after the initial consultation if we need further medical history in order to help us make a diagnosis. Whether we call for further information or not, we always send a letter to your family veterinarian with information regarding the diagnosis and proposed treatment options for your pet. After your pet undergoes a procedure with us, we follow-up with your family veterinarian once more with a letter outlining how the procedure went and the recommended discharge instructions for a healthy recovery.

We will call or text you after your pet’s procedure is complete to update you on what was found and how he or she is doing. We will continue to stay in communication with you while your pet is in our care, and we are always available should you wish to call or text and check in on how your pet is doing.

If your animal exhibits any abnormal activity or behavior, experiences an injury, or has any visible wounds, your pet may be experiencing a medical emergency. If you have any question as to whether or not your pet needs care, please just stop in, no appointment necessary. A longer list detailing common signs of an emergency can be found here.

Our payment policies slightly differ depending on the service, so it’s always best to call and speak with us about an estimate. We know finances can be stressful, and we want to ensure your pet’s care journey is as seamless as possible, which is why we accept all forms of pet insurance, cash, credit cards, or Care Credit.

We understand that it can be stressful for both your pet and your family during your pet’s hospitalization. Your presence can often improve your pet’s recovery and give your family peace of mind; therefore, we encourage you to visit during your pet’s stay with us. We ask that you call ahead to set up a visiting time so that we can expect and prepare for your arrival. This will minimize the wait time prior to seeing your pet.

Please keep in mind that if your pet is due for any treatments, we welcome you to visit with him or her after these are complete. In order for our staff to continue to provide your pet with the best possible care, depending on his or her condition, we may need to limit your visit to 15 minutes. There is also a chance that we will be working with a critical emergency case in the treatment area when you come in for a visit. If this is the case, you may have a short wait.

Post-procedure care varies depending on the type of procedure your pet has. We will walk you through thorough homecare instructions before your pet leaves the hospital, and we are available 24/7 should you need to call us with any questions.

In order to perform a successful, sterile procedure, it is necessary for us to shave your pet for surgery. We shave as minimally as possible, but the amount shaved will vary depending upon the surgery. For most procedures, we will shave an area for an IV catheter, areas for monitoring equipment, and areas for the incision site. Please ask your nurse for specifics on your pet’s surgery.

We know finances can be an added stressor during a healthcare crisis, and since many medical emergencies occur suddenly, some pet parents have limited funds to afford needed care. We feel strongly that all pets should have access to advanced care, so we created The Aspen Meadow Chico Fund which accepts public donations to provide assistance in these circumstances. 100% of proceeds donated go towards pets with limited funds for the medical intervention they need. Any amount can contribute towards improving the life of a sick or injured pet.

If interested in contributing, you can DONATE HERE.

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