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    If it becomes necessary during your pet’s visit, do you want us to administer CPR?

    I am the owner or the agent of the owner of the above-described pet and have the authority to execute this agreement. I authorize Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists to examine and treat the above pet. I accept financial responsibility for the pet and I understand that full payment for diagnostic tests and treatment that I authorize in writing or verbally will be due at the time my pet is dismissed from the hospital. For hospitalized cases, a deposit is required in advance, the balance is due upon discharge from the hospital.

    If another veterinarian has referred me to Aspen Meadow, I understand that they will receive a summary of the care and treatment provided in order to ensure that my pet’s care can be continued without interruption. I also understand that Aspen Meadow considers the identification of a referring veterinarian by me as authorization to release records and information to that veterinarian.

    Case information and/or photos may be used in teaching, continuing education, and veterinary literature. I authorize release of case/patient information for such purposes. Patient confidentiality will be maintained.

    In the event of ownership transfer, I authorize the release of medical information to the new owner of this animal.

    Payment must be rendered at time of service. We accept all major credit cards including Care Credit. Personal checks are welcome when accompanied by a driver’s license. If you have any questions regarding your payment, please discuss it with a receptionist before the start of your visit.