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Skin conditions that affect pets can be very uncomfortable and may need the care of a dermatologist to properly address.


Many of the same skin symptoms and conditions that affect humans can also occur in animals, like allergies, fungal or bacterial infections, chronic ear infections, chronic itching, rashes, external parasites, hair loss, and more. Luckily, advancements in veterinary dermatology are similar to those in human medicine, so your pet doesn’t need to live a life uncomfortable in his or her own skin.

Our board-certified dermatologists are well-equipped with the technology and training necessary to perform biopsies, cultures, and other advanced diagnostic testing to determine an effective treatment approach for your pet. From medication to dietary and lifestyle changes, we offer a wide variety of potential options and will collaborate with you and your family veterinarian to develop a plan that works for your pet. Whether your pet’s condition is acute or chronic, our goal is always to get him or her feeling better and back to living the highest quality of life.

It can be hard to know what symptoms necessitate a visit with your family veterinarian and which ones should be evaluated by a dermatologist. We suggest that if your pet is displaying unusual behavior or skin symptoms, a visit to your family veterinarian is in order, as he or she can determine if more advanced specialty care is needed. If your pet displays any of the following symptoms be sure to take him or her to your veterinarian for an evaluation.

  • Scratching and face or ear rubbing
  • Skin redness
  • Bald patches and hair loss
  • Excessive licking of skin
  • Excessive biting of skin
  • Unusual lumps or bumps on skin

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