Surgical Oncology

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Surgical intervention is sometimes needed to address cancer in pets.

Surgical Oncology

This type of surgery takes a skilled and experienced hand, as to improve health and quality of life for your pet, it is essential that as many cancerous cells as possible are removed from the body with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Our board-certified surgeons have extensive training and experience in the surgical treatment of cancer, including one who completed a prestigious surgical oncology fellowship at CSU. Our board-certified neurologist is even able to treat cancers of the brain and spine.

We also have technology available to assist in the diagnosis of cancer and to aid surgeons in tumor location. Our on-site CT machine is non-invasive and allows us to take cross-sectional X-ray image slices of the body, called computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans that provide a detailed picture of your pet’s brain and other internal structures for diagnosis.

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